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3x3eyes_lj's Journal

a regular three-eyed-girl and her immortal zombie slave

Sazan Eyes
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Community for anything and everything related to the manga/anime OVAs of 3x3 Eyes.
A community for anything and everything related to the manga and anime OVAs '3x3 Eyes' ('Sazan Eyes').

This community is under construction at the moment, but feel free to join and start posting. I noticed that there wasn't currently a community for this series on LJ so I decided to create one.

Spoiler status for this series is a tricky one, so for the time being, please try to avoid spoilers from the latter half of the series without providing an lj cut and warning, and absolutely no spoilers without lj cut and warning for Vol 39 and 40!

Anything related to other series by Yuzo Takada is also a-OK!!! We all know that they don't get the attention they deserve!

Your friendly neighbourhood mod is roseveare.
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