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FIC: Girls' Night Out - PG13
3x3 eyes yakumo
TITLE: Girls' Night Out
AUTHOR: roseveare
RATING: high PG13
LENGTH: 11,000 words
SUMMARY: Yogekisha's latest case calls for skills from Yakumo's employment prior to "undead-bodyguard". Ling-Ling, Pai and Yakumo investigate a disappearance at a women-only nightclub.
NOTES #1: The obligatory cross-dressing Yakumo story. It's a casefile, though. ;) Thanks to kattahj for the beta!
NOTES #2: This is essentially a Yogekisha casefile fic, and although it IS set (rather vaguely) a few books further into the manga than the anime covers, it's probably perfectly readable if you've only seen the anime. I don't think there are any major spoilery references.
DISCLAIMER: '3x3 Eyes' is owned by Yuzo Takada and Kodansha. Not mine, no profit, yadda yadda yadda.

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fanart... of sorts!
fma ed art
A while ago, my mum gave me some old small mirrors with wide wooden frames that had been spray-painted silver and were in a bit of a state. I decided to re-paint them as various artistic projects. This time, I was reading 3x3 Eyes and I thought, why not put manga characters all over one of them?

So I did. This might be the strangest piece of fanart I've done.

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It's hard to photograph mirrors. It's fairly easy to tell my favourite characters.

As I said on my own LJ, crossposting here in anticipation of the day when this comm has hundreds of members! ;P

Colour Picspam
3x3 eyes yakumo
This community needs content! So I've decided to post some colour scans. I'm not sure if I've seen all these images around online, so perhaps some will be new to folks. Anyway, here goes!

image heavyCollapse )

I've avoided the potentially-spoilery one, but maybe I'll post it separately another time... Be careful if you click to view the lj gallery directly, though!

Admin post - Regarding Spoilers
Robin arms
I would like to hear any input new joining members have regarding spoiler rules for this community. Obviously the manga has been around for a long time, but only a fraction of it is officially available in English and even the scanlations haven't completed the final two books.

What I have currently placed in the userinfo is: for the time being, please try to avoid spoilers from the latter half of the series without providing an lj cut and warning, and absolutely no spoilers without lj cut and warning for Vol 39 and 40!

I'd be interested to know where people would like the line drawn on spoilers. I feel it would be a bit much to spoiler warn anything after book ?5, which I think is approximately where Dark Horse got to despite their numbering, but probably too little just to protect the events in the final two books. I would like to hear other opinions on this.

Also, feel free to throw in any other suggestions you have for this community!

For the record, I am a very new fan to this series. I read the scanlations and now I'm collecting the books in French and English. I'm a fanfiction writer, vidder and (lousy) fan artist. My other favourite manga are Fullmetal Alchemist and One Piece, and I've been kicking around in those fandoms for a few years now.

Welcome to the community, and I hope this place grows, at least a little!


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